• New Direct Admission Is Open Against Vacant Seats.
  • Admissions Open - 2021-22

Moral education & value education as being imparted to the students of Dungarpur Public School develops their personality.

We are looking for students from all parts of India who demonstrate a keen desire to learn, who are curious about the world they live in and wish to explore a variety of experiences in order to develop their innate talents.

All applicants will have the opportunity to tell us about their interests and achievements. Because education is a three-way partnership, we also look forward to having an interaction with their parents.

Admission Process

The admissions process comprises the following stages:

  • Obtaining the 'Application for Admission' form from Dungarpur Public School.
  • Submitting the duly completed 'Application for Admission' form and supporting documents to Dungarpur Public School and paying the Registration Fee.
  • Appearing for the meeting with faculty members or the admission test as required.
  • Participating in the interaction with parents and / or students as requested;
  • Communicating admission decision to parents;
  • Accepting admission by parents, submitting the prescribed documents and paying the fees;
  • Confirmation of admission by Dungarpur Public School on the benchmark of merit.

Eligibility for Admission

  • For admission to LKG at Dungarpur Public School, the eligibility criterion is that the child was born between June 1, 2007 and May 31, 2007 (both days inclusive).
  • For admission to class VIII at Dungarpur Public School, the student must have completed class VII at a recognized school before joining Dungarpur Public School.
  • For admission to class XI at Dungarpur Public School, the student must have completed a recognized secondary education board examination (class X) before joining Dungarpur Public School.
  • The School Report / Pass Certificate issued by the previous school / education board will be deemed the documentary evidence of having completed the preceding class. The certified true copies of School Reports / Pass Certificate for the last three years and the current year (2009-10) must be submitted along with the 'Application for Admission' form.

Online Admission Form