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Computer Lab

Dungarpur Public School

The school has spacious and comfortable class rooms. It has a big Computer Lab, Physics Lab, Chemistry Lab & Biology Lab equipped with all the necessary equipments, instruments & apparatuses. The Computer Lab is supported by all the required softwares. It has a Library & Reading Room. Library has more than 5000 books on different subjects required for the students of all ages.

School Library

Dungarpur Public School

The Reading Room subscribes a large number of news papers in English and Hindi & magazines and periodicals of all interests.

Libraries are the storehouse of knowledge and books. Library is focused on developing the reading habits in children where various activities like story telling, story writing, poetry writing, quiz etc take place. These activities not only help children to develop interest in reading & enhancing reading skills but they also get introduced to new subjects and ideas.

Science Lab

Dungarpur Public School

Dungarpur Public School is having a complete science lab. There is an earnest effort to inculcate in our students a scientific temper and inquisitive mind. Hands on experience is provided for all the students while teaching Biology, Physics & Chemistry.

The science labs of the school are utilized by the Elementary section to demonstrate all the relevant topics in the curriculum like – water behaviour, properties etc. Topics like human body, internal organs etc are also dealt with in the Laboratory.

Sports Facilities

Dungarpur Public School

The School has large play grounds for all school games. It has a Career Counseling Centre which gives all kinds of information about the career options after school education.

An active body helps the child to be active and agile. Sports are compulsory for all students. Football, Handball, Volleyball, Cricket, Athletics etc are some of the games that are played regularly. Besides this, the students are trained for gymnastics. Yoga & karate is also taught to students.